Heyyyy Steph!

Heyyy y’all! Welcome to the Bossed Blog! This is the newest step towards growth that we have taken and we are over the moon about it! Here we will discuss topics that effect the black female entrepreneur as professionals and humans.


The first thing we will be talking about is our CEO, Stephanie Jefferson. It’s important to her that she’s the face of the brand and what she wants most is for you all to know her for real, for real!


Stephanie is not your average 26 year old! She is definitely holding her own and doing the damn thing for herself and for those around her!


Straight from the south side of Chicago, she has been on the entrepreneurial train and running it for a while, however she hasn’t put all of her eggs in just this one basket ;) She has major plans for Pretty and Bossed and beyond.


But why an apparel brand? Here’s what Steph said:


“I started Pretty and Bossed because I wanted to help inspire the women who looked like me who were also climbing the ladder of success.”


This apparel brand is not just about cute t-shirts to make bank off of. It’s about inspiring the black female community to be greater than they could ever imagine. That’s Stephanie’s heart, encouraging others to be the best that they can be without inhibition.


Let’s celebrate our fearless leader as she continues to make boss moves and defy limitations. Comment "Heeeey Steph!!!" and let her know that you rock with her and you wear your crown like the Bossed chick you are!

"It's definitely a difficult road, but together, we can do anything!"-- Steph