May Feature: Be Bold Writing

Happy Female Entrepreneur Month! This Sunday, we are featuring a Boss Chick who is close to the Pretty and Bossed home. This beauty has been working behind the scenes with us making sure our brand looks its best as our content creator.


Lyndsey D. Stevens is the proud owner of Be Bold Writing. Her business focuses on bringing the person behind the brand to the forefront through purpose driven content. She writes with tenacity and seeks to help other business owners send a message to the world they can be proud of.


Her journey to entrepreneurship isn’t one of high hopes and long lived dreams of being a business owner. As a matter of fact it was the farthest thing from her mind. Lyndsey had set her sights on being a neonatal nurse.


Lyndsey has always been a ball of life and a person that would make a friend wherever she went, but when life would hit, it would hit her hard. She suffered through domestic abuse, deep depression, and mental torment so severe that her family tried to admit her to a psychiatric hospital multiple times.


Although she’d endured much hardship, she never let anything keep her from pursuing her dream of having her Bachelors degree in nursing. She’d been to college three times with a 3.6 GPA, earning the Principle’s Scholar Award and Scholarship!


She wound up coming to a fork in the road when she found that in order to continue her scholastic endeavors, she’d have to quit her full time job as a CNA. Having just moved on her own with her then 2 year old daughter, she chose her job and dropped out of college.


Still looking to make a molehill out of this mountain, she decided she’d work her way up to her degree and started to take classes for higher medical certifications. After completing those courses and instantly landing a better job, she felt like she was finally doing well for herself and her baby girl.


Something happened to her one day at her job that made her “wake up”. She realized she was falling into a monotonous cycle that she’d never wanted for herself.


“I felt like I was being lulled into a comfort zone. I loved what I was doing but I wanted more. I’ve always been adventurous and in this position I felt like I was in a pattern that was going to take me away from my calling and purpose,” she explained.


Coincidentally, she wound up being fired from that job. In that time of unemployment, she deepened her relationship with God and used her newfound time to grow spiritually and mentally. While she enjoyed being home to pick up and drop off her daughter to and from school, she wasn’t happy with being 25, unemployed, and now living with her mother.


One morning, she woke up and prayed to God about her plight. She was depressed and disappointed with where she was in her life in comparison with those she’d graduated with and asked God to show her her lane and what she was supposed to be doing.


“I was applying for job after job in and out of the medical field. They were jobs I knew I was qualified for and some that I wasn’t, but was flexing my ambitious muscle and I would get denied or interviews for jobs that were too far of a commute.” Right after she prayed, one of her friends contacted a mutual friend offering Lyndsey to join a test group teaching the basics of owning a business.


Lyndsey wasn’t going to take the class because she never wanted to own a business, however she went anyway. In that meeting all she could say was, “I just want to write. I’m really good at writing.” She’d always written poetry, stories, personal journal entries and books on books of songs. She’d even helped her friends with different content needs for their businesses, she never knew it was something she could make a business out of, though.


In the 3-4 hours of sitting in that meeting, Be Bold Writing was born! She definitely believes that it was God that led her to this business. “There’s NO WAY I could’ve come up with this on my own,” she says, “but since starting this business, I’ve found that this was the best decision I could’ve ever made. I’ve learned so much about myself and the new boldness I’ve come into and I just want to help others be bold in a way that is so necessary!”


She looks forward to webinars teaching others how to write effectively, courageously, and transparently. She doesn’t like to do business as usual. When you come to Lyndsey for your writing needs, you get HER! She’s a ball of life and she loves to relate and have a good time. She’s amazing at how she can take a simple conversation and turns it into everything good copy and blog posts need.


We are honored to know her, have her, and we support her! We hope you will too. Help us honor our girl, Lyndsey.