May Feature: Flora's Angels

This week we are featuring none other than the pretty wings of Alicia Carroll. She’s created a skin care line called Flora’s Angels, which is sure to leave your skin feeling and looking liked you’ve been kissed by an angel.


Flora’s Angels was birthed out of Alicia’s struggles to find skin care products that would be light enough for her sensitive skin but also strong enough to keep it moisturized during the day.


Like most of us, she’d tried product after product and they just didn’t fit the bill, so she got to researching and mixing things in her own home and found her own solution to her skin problems.


What we love most about this brand is that it is named in tribute to her grandmother Flora Woods. Her granny’s faith in God, love, and care for her family became the mission of her business. Taking after her grandmother’s influence, she hand crafts every substance from scratch with love and patience.


Alicia is not just a woman with a plan. The wind beneath her wings is her son. Did we mention that she’s a cool breeze from the Windy City? (woot woot!)


We are loving all that she’s doing and she uses her grandmother’s legacy as an inspiration in her Bossed endeavors! She shows that business is more than just a way to make money, it’s a way to pass on tradition and to allow the influence of a loved one to live on and bless other lives otherwise untouched. Get with her y’all, cause she’s about to blow up!


Thanks Alicia! We see you girl!