May Feature: The Cleaning Key

This Sunday’s feature is none other than Ms. Jai Brittni! She’s the amazing owner of The Cleaning Key. This wife and mother brings grace to grit as she goes and does the job that no-one likes to do: clean homes.


Ironically, her business was birthed around the birth of her son. She was a new mom and wasn’t able to do much so her house was in chaos. When she was finally able to deep clean her home, all that her family could feel was PEACE!!


The initial mission of The Cleaning Key was to provide assistance for the elderly as a nod to her grandmother who raised her. Now that her business is blooming, she’s moving to other residential as well as commercial properties and we couldn’t be prouder of her growth! Her mission is to unlock peace in Chicago, one home at a time.


She plans to open a community garden and center to promote family health as a priority. When we sat down to speak with her she was very genuine in her reasonings.


“Health needs to be a priority for us. How can we care for our seniors if we’re sick [ourselves]? Plus, there’s so much that they aren’t teaching in school anymore. [So] I want to provide a place where there can be home economic classes, trade courses, and other classes that parents and their children can take together, such as dance and cooking.”


The center will also feature classes that will teach others how to rebuild their communities. She says that she wants to offer these havens because she wants to make sure that her son doesn’t grow up the way that she did.


She says, “If something ever happens to me, I won’t have to worry about my son being taken care of because she is rebuilding the village.”


The garden will offer organic food, providing a healthy alternative to the “junk” that we are forced to feed our children and ourselves.


We can’t wait to see the transformation that transcends the city of Chicago with Jai’s mission. She’s the true definition of selfless and we are honored to know her and feature her. Having more socially centered businesses are truly what we need to create and manifest the changes we want to see.


In the words of Martin Lawrence, “YOU GO, GIRL!!!”